We are LIVE

1st May the website is now live. – it still needs work and we need your feedback to improve things. Not sure when the next face to face market will be ( NOT Saturday), or whether we need to set up a virtual shop for our regular stallholders – all will develop over the next few weeks. We know on the one hand many people want to shop out in the open , although others feel that gathering to buy produce at a market is riskier than converging and jostling with shelf stackers in a supermarket aisle.?!?*

Many markets never shut during lockdown, and looking forward pub chains and fast food places are now planning opening again. But almost certainly establishments will be operating with a different set of social norms to those we enjoyed only a few weeks ago.

Possibly markets may need to run with same decorum of pubs and hostelrys where the licence holding landlord actively deals with antisocial behaviour knowing the law will be on her or his side.

Possibly we will be able to enjoy music, petanque or dancing in public if we “behave” ourselves… possibly.

Anyway for now – if you know Wirksworth Farmers’ Market and you want stuff, you will know who to contact on our stallholders page.

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Locally made food and crafts

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