Justine: Eggs

There is more to Justine than 14 years at the Farmers’ Market!

Farming is a massively complex business – where to start – how to use the land effectively . Frequently farmers have to manage world issues carried on the wings of migrating birds, and deal with the whims of supermarkets trying to force the price of milk and other farmed produce at the expense of self employed farmers with massive overheads and long term commitments to make sure the livestock they care for are looked after.

Justine joined Wirksworth Farmers Market when it first started and has loyally attended every market whatever the weather! Not just hens eggs, bantams, duck and goose eggs – there is always something special on Justines stall – it is not unusual to find customers travelling many miles to stock up, along with many local businesses that know they can rely on best quality produce, coming to collect dozens of eggs for their own small businesses.

A visit to Justines farm would find you in an efficient but traditional farmyard. Here are a few words and pictures from Justine about life on the farm – not far from Wirksworth near Ashbourn on the Derbyshire / Staffordshire border.

I am a full time farmer with my husband in Cubley. It’s not just us, our children work with us on the farm. We dont just have 200 free range hens, we also milk our 300 cows twice a day and send their milk going to Arla, a name you will frequently seen in supermarkets up and down the country.

Our cows go out to graze in the fields as long as the weather lets them. Only a very small amount of my time is spent with the hens, they look after themselves!

Most of the time I am working with the cows, rearing calfs, and fetching the cows for milking .

I am very passionate about dairy farming in particular and I am always happy to answer any questions any one might have.

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