Almost all our producers are based less than 20 miles from Wirksworth!

“Something different every month” “Wonderful local produce”

First Saturday of the month.

A lively OUTDOOR market in the centre of Wirksworth.

Next Market * 4th June *

Stalls across the town. (Make sure you wander round to find them all!)

Many of our producers deliver direct, supply local shops and some even have farm gate outlets. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Latest from the Blog

Tier three says all retail businesses can open. Visitors to the market need to be able to justify their reasons to come to the market and bear in mind government rules about mixing and socialising apply EVERYWHERE. This means we can run a complete Christmas market. There will be gifts and a wider range ofContinue reading

After lockdown

So there has been little change in Wirksworth for a while, but gradually the new normal is arriving here. We have been visiting other towns, and listening to market managers to see how things work elsewhere. Many markets never closed, but they all adapted. When the market gets going again we will still have someContinue reading “After lockdown”

We are LIVE

1st May the website is now live. – it still needs work and we need your feedback to improve things. Not sure when the next face to face market will be ( NOT Saturday), or whether we need to set up a virtual shop for our regular stallholders – all will develop over the nextContinue reading “We are LIVE”

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